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KNXperience is a digital tradeshow delivered in a dynamic 3D environment. The event is held in English and open to everyone who is interested in smart home and building solutions. Visitors can join the event from any type of device and anywhere in the world.

Join us on September 26th to 27th, as well as October 4th and 11th, for an engaging online conference experience. Each day features a unique theme with esteemed speakers, alongside a multitude of digital exhibition booths showcasing the latest in KNX developments and solutions.

Witness the ingenuity of the KNX Hackathon 2023 finalists, as they present innovative solutions leveraging KNX to tackle energy management challenges and reduce carbon footprints.

Mark your calendar for these enriching themes, and please note that the event's time zone is Central European Time. 

26/09 Sustainability & Energy Efficiency
27/09 Latest KNX Products and News
04/10 KNX IoT & Connectivity
11/10 KNX Secure


We are set on making the world a more sustainable place using the KNX technology. That is why we are looking for new practices that prove that KNX makes an impact in saving energy and reducing carbon footprint emissions. 

We present 5 different challenges to tackle with KNX, for each of the five challenges, a money prize will be given to the winning team.

During KNXperience2023, the nominee of each challenge will showcase their solutions, as part of the conference program.

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time iconSeptember 26, 2023 09:00

Opening Speech

speaker headshot Casto Canavate
Marketing Manager, KNX Association
time iconSeptember 26, 2023 09:05

KNX Association - Why is KNX the Best Technology for Energy Transition in Smart Homes and Buildings?

speaker headshot Joost Demarest
CTO, KNX Association

As the world inexorably moves to renewable energy sources, some competing technologies bombard home and building owners with different solutions to move from fossil fuels. But whenever you add applications to homes and buildings, you add complexity. Complexity in the home or building is best designed, configured, managed and maintained by competent professionals. That means KNX is the better solution, with building blocks proven through the years. This presentation will show why the approach often suggested by competing technologies is usually not the right choice.

time iconSeptember 26, 2023 09:35

ABB STOTZ KONTAKT GmbH - Saving Energy Costs: All About ABB's EQmatic Energy Analyzer QA/S

speaker headshot Juergen Schilder
Training and Qualification ABB Building Academy Smart Buildings

Your customers want to improve energy efficiency and reduce rising energy costs. This session will talk about how to allocate and monitor sub-metering data with one of ABB's energy management solutions: the ABB EQmatic Energy Analyzer QA/S KNX. Other products in this session: • KNX Switch Actuator SA/S Professional with Energy Functions • KNX Energy Actuator SE/S and Energy Module EM/S • KNX Meter Interface Module ZS/S • Modbus KNX Gateway MG/S

time iconSeptember 26, 2023 10:05

HMS Networks - Smart Interfaces for HVAC Control: The Way to Energy-Efficient Buildings

speaker headshot Aitor Hernandez
Product Manager AC Interfaces - Intesis

With energy consumption monitoring and optimizing the HVAC systems, HVAC control interfaces can be a game-changer in building energy efficiency. We'll explore real-world data as well as success stories that show how these interfaces transform building users' comfort and well-being while saving energy costs. To create a greener and more sustainable world, don't miss this opportunity to delve into the future of HVAC control, the most important factor for energy-efficient, sustainable buildings.

time iconSeptember 26, 2023 10:50

ise Individuelle Software and Elektronik GmbH - Charging. The smart way.

speaker headshot Detlef Boss
Managing Director, ise Individuelle Software and Elektronik GmbH

Learn about the advantages of integrating charging points into the KNX systems for single-family homes and larger buildings. With the SMART CONNECT KNX e-charge II, you can offer risk-free, easy integrations of charging points from a wide range of manufacturers. If you are a KNX system integrator, electrician, specialist consultant or electrical installations planner, this session can add a new and valuable installation offer to your service portfolio for homes and buildings.

time iconSeptember 26, 2023 11:20

Siemens AG - For Higher Energy Efficiency, Control Room Temperatures with Siemens KNX

speaker headshot Olaf Kruger
Product Manager KNX Siemens AG

With the latest Siemens KNX innovations (Touch Control TC, Thermal drive actuators and Presence detector WIDE), KNX-based room temperature control offers the best path to higher energy efficiency.

time iconSeptember 26, 2023 11:50

THEBEN AG - Human-Centered Building Automation

speaker headshot Loeffler Elmar
Head of Technical Support and Training

If the human-centered comfort functions (climate-, constant light-, shading- and ventilation control) interacted with one another, they would bring true energy efficiency to a building. Learn how KNX integrators can orchestrate these comfort functions for a concerted human-centered building.

time iconSeptember 26, 2023 12:20

KNX Hackathon Nominee Showcase: Energy Efficiency Innovations

Explore KNX's impact on energy efficiency and sustainability. Join us for interviews with five KNX Hackathon nominees. Learn about innovative projects and practices that reduce carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.

time iconSeptember 27, 2023 09:00

KNX Association - Important Changes and Updates Make ETS6 Professional Even More Valuable

Learn about the latest changes and updates. Stay up-to-date on the all-in-one KNX tool that integrates 8000+ products offered by 500+ manufacturers in the world of smart homes and buildings.This covers User Interface improvements, Support for KNX RF Multi Devices, Usage of KNX Serial Number for assignment of Individual Address, Changes to Search Folders, Extension of Collaboration Features.)

time iconSeptember 27, 2023 09:30

ABB STOTZ KONTAKT GmbH - ABB Adds to Its RoomTouch® Panel KNX Range

speaker headshot Thorsten Reibel
Training and Qualification ABB Building Academy Smart Buildings

ABB RoomTouch® 4", with seamless integration with KNX, adds to the touch panel range for ABB i-bus® KNX. It features a sleek design, comparable in size to a conventional switch so it can be installed in a standard flush mounting box. It also offers KNX Data Secure. There's much more to tell about the ABB RoomTouch® 4", and this session will explain how it operates and how it is parameterized and commissioned.

time iconSeptember 27, 2023 10:00

ise Individuelle Software and Elektronik GmbH - The Next Generation Radio Frequency: KNX RF Multi

speaker headshot Renke Ahlers
Product Manager, ise Individuelle Software und Elektronik GmbH

The new KNX RF Multi provides a next generatopm wireless alternative that simplifies installation and reduces costs. The “Multi” protocol adds frequency agility and link layer acknowledge/retransmission to ensure communication reliability. KNX RF Multi brings the KNXperience to a new level - whether you need to retrofit, already have an existing installation to be expanded or plan a new building, KNX system integrators, electricians, specialist consultants and electrical installation planners will find KNX RF Multi handles all.

time iconSeptember 27, 2023 10:30

HMS Networks - Exploring Network-to-Network Connectivity in Building Automation

speaker headshot Pau Ollé Jiménez
Product Manager Building Automation - Intesis

With real-world success stories, we'll help you unlock the potential of network-to-network connectivity in streamlining building automation. We'll also share Intesis's groundbreaking products, designed to empower integrators to achieve reliability and efficiency in KNX projects. Our goal: to inspire you to revolutionize your projects and elevate your automation game.

time iconOctober 4, 2023 09:00

KNX Association - KNX IoT Expands the Ecosystem

speaker headshot André Hänel
System and Tools, KNX Association

As the world of “building control” and the internet gradually merge, today’s borders between the two will disappear. KNX IoT addresses just that: new KNX devices with internet-based protocol suites and security accelerate product development, add new external access capabilities to KNX installations via rest-based 3rd party APIs (as well a semantical description of created KNX installations to document their functionality in a web-oriented language). It's a new world and an expanding KNX ecosystem: and this session explains how to get started and where to access more resources to succeed.

time iconOctober 4, 2023 09:30

KNX Association - KNX Virtual Supporting KNX IoT

speaker headshot Christophe Parthoens
Tools Engineer, KNX Association

KNX Virtual (KV) is an application simulating a KNX installation. It is focusing on two main aspects – system features and bus functions. We're innovating by separating them into two editions. The KV-Functions Edition will dive into everyday tasks like switching, dimming, controlling shutters, blinds, HVAC, and alarms. All these tasks will be streamlined into a single line for efficiency. On the other hand, the KV-System Edition will explore system aspects like couplers, secure devices, and security measures for data and IP. This edition will also support switching tasks and the upcoming KNX IoT protocol extension. Join us to better understand these aspects and how they work together in the world of KNX!

time iconOctober 4, 2023 10:00

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company - WiFi 6 Network for Smart Homes, Small Business

speaker headshot Vania Paone
EMEA Business Development Manager, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.
speaker headshot Shailesh Hukerikar
APJ Category Manager, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.

While Wi-Fi 6 at 9.6Gbps is almost 3X faster than current wifi, this is less of a one-time speed increase and more of a future-facing upgrade. This session covers WiFi 6 from Aruba Instant On networking solution, purpose-built for smart automation. It’s easy to set up in minutes and manage from your smart phone. The network supports latency-sensitive data (like voice and video), offering improved performance with built-in Firewall security. Learn about multiple site management, Smart Mesh, scaling 50 devices per site , how to discover all IP devices including automation IP gateways, and end points.

time iconOctober 4, 2023 10:30

Cascoda - Low-code KNX IoT Product Developed - by Cascoda

speaker headshot Bruno Johnson
CEO, Cascoda

KNX IoT is a is a new addition to the suite of KNX protocols, using Internet protocol v6 (IPv6) as the transport.

Cascoda has developed a comprehensive development kit for KNX IoT & in this presentation we introduce ChiliCuisine™.

ChiliCuisine™ is a low code technology, that generates KNX IoT code from KNX datapoints & parameters to connect peripherals to KNX IoT infrastructure.

This has the following benefits:

• Increase code & documentation quality

• Reduced development time:

 - KNX data points & parameters translate to working products

 - Generated executable & MT files to work with ETS

• Write only the meaningful things:

 - Reduced complexity, concentrate on the task

 - Reduced manual labour: less coding

time iconOctober 4, 2023 11:00

Nordic Semiconductor - KNX and wireless mesh networking

speaker headshot Finn Boetius
Product Marketing Engineer, Nordic Semiconductor
speaker headshot Krzysztof Loska

Dive into wireless mesh networking and the Thread protocol with Nordic Semiconductor, a leader in low-power wireless ICs. Explore their relevance to your KNX projects—amplifying connectivity, scalability, and efficiency in smart systems. Don't miss this chance to enhance your project outcomes through comprehensive understanding of this key technology.

time iconOctober 4, 2023 11:30

SIMLAB - Elevating User Experience by 3D Models and Digital Twin: SIM-ON and KNX Integration

speaker headshot Marek Kozlak
speaker headshot Michał Szopa
Product Owner of SIM-ON, SIMLAB

In a transformative collaboration, SIMLAB's SIM-ON digital twin technology joins forces with two strong KNX members: Schneider Electric and NETx Automation. This partnership pioneers a cutting-edge realm of smart environments. By connecting SIM-ON's digital twin capabilities with KNX's standard, the User Experience of real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and energy efficiency are elevated to unprecedented levels. This synergy amplifies automation, comfort, and sustainability, setting the better standard for the future of intelligent building solutions.

time iconOctober 11, 2023 08:30


time iconOctober 11, 2023 09:00

KNX Association- Cybersecurity in KNX: Tools and Tips for Secure Installation

speaker headshot Casto Canavate
Marketing Manager, KNX Association
speaker headshot Michael.Critchfield
ETS Product Manager KNX Association

Delve into the world of KNX security measures, where advanced technology and tools are employed to guarantee the safety of KNX installations. Join us to gain invaluable insights and best practices for ensuring the utmost security.

time iconOctober 11, 2023 09:20

KNX Association - KNX Security risk and countermeasures

speaker headshot Steven De Bruyne
System Architect, KNX Association

What are some threats and risks for KNX home and building automation and how do you protect your installations? In the session we will explain you how KNX Secure works and suggest on practices you can excerises to secure your KNX installations.

time iconOctober 11, 2023 09:50

A secure KNX ‘bridge’ connecting today and tomorrow solutions

speaker headshot Paolo Segù
KNX Tutor - OEM/ODM Manager, Eelectron SpA

In this presentation, eelectron will showcase their state-of-the-art KNX secure products and solutions, shedding light on the latest developments in KNX secure. With a focus on the Bridge, a power supply with IP interface, logic blocks and the “OnLine-OffLine" control logic. The device is capable of interoperating with other secure protocols such as MQTTs Eelectron will dive into the benefits of the interoperability between protocols in a KNX project while keeping everything Secure.

time iconOctober 11, 2023 10:20

THEBEN AG - Migrating Older Devices: KNX RF with Segment Coupling and More

speaker headshot Christoph Kienzle
Theben Training department

KNX Secure becomes more and more important, especially when using KNX RF segments. More and more often an existing KNX topology must be expanded with an RF line. In some cases, you may need to use the new segment coupling technology, as well as segment isolation and Secure Proxy based on the new ETS 6 version. Theben can show you how to migrate non-secure actuators (already a few years old) to secure devices. Explore KNX RF with segment coupling and also learn about the full range of KNX devices from Theben.

time iconOctober 11, 2023 10:50



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